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Family Photos Part 2

I’m getting lots of calls and emails asking me the following…

Q: When is a good time to shoot for our holiday cards?

A: Now! I need to have the session shot before the first week in November to ensure enough time to proof the images, give you time to review everything and then get everything printed.

Q: When should we schedule our session to get the best fall colors?

A: Now! My fall schedule is almost completely full. I have a few openings in October. After that, the leaves are pretty much gone and it gets pretty chilly and wet outside.

Q: What should we wear this time of year?

A: Be prepared for anything! Layers are a good idea, that way if it’s a warmer day we can strip off the sweaters, jackets and coats and if it’s a cooler day (which, lets be realistic, we’re in Northeast Ohio, it could snow!) everyone will stay comfortable. Cold children are not happy children. Colorful coats, hats, scarves and mittens look great in photos!

Q: Should we all wear the same thing?

A: NO! Outfits should coordinate but everyone should not wear the same thing. I like to think of it as one big outfit. Does that red and blue stripe shirt look good with a purple plaid skirt? If not, then you are not coordinated! The days of khaki and white are over (thank goodness)! Two girls can certainly wear the same dress, or buy matching pieces from the same line that go well together.

Q: Should we wear white? All solids? NO! color, patterns and texture make images pop both in color and in black and white. Please avoid store and team logos.

Q: Should we “dress up” if we want to use these for holiday cards?

A: Heck no! Dress like you normally would! Clean and well put together.

Moms- Wear something you think you look cute in. Wear something comfortable. Wear something you would buy even if it was not for a photo shoot. Do not wear white. Wear a color. Wear black on top (black looks good on everyone). Wear the same amount of makeup you normally would. Wear your hair the same way you always do. If you feel self conscience about your arms (like me!) than please wear sleeves.

Dads- Don’t wear a stiff button down shirt and dress shoes! Come prepared to play with the kids. You need to be able to run, jump and play ball. ! I think the moral of the story is… Be comfortable. Be yourself.

Another adorable family I just photographed!