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Happy Mother’s Day!

For the most part it’s usually the Mom in the family that calls me to book the photo session. That is one of the many things that Mom’s do, they think ahead to capture their children when they are young. To preserve the memory of their babies (even if they’re teenagers, they are still your babies). So, when I got a call last spring from a Strongsville Mom, nothing seemed out of the norm. We started chatting and she explained that she needed to do a shoot asap. She had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and wanted to shoot before she started to loose her hair. I got a knot in my throat. “Of course” I said. “Let me see what I can do.” I moved around some appointments and I was soon at their Strongsville house. I tried to stay focused on the task at hand. I didn’t want to let my emotions get in the way of capturing this family. It was difficult. They were a sweet family that clearly loved each other dearly. I couldn’t help but imagine how hard it would be, as a preteen girl, to see your Mother sick.

I knew it would come. I was hoping it wouldn’t. That email that I got a few months ago. It was the husband wanting to order some more prints. His wife, he explained, had lost her battle with cancer just before Christmas. I barely knew her, but I felt like a friend just passed away. I kept thinking about her girls and how difficult it was going to be for them. My heart went out to them. I thought how extraordinary it was of her to think ahead to capture those images. She did it for those she was going to be leaving behind. Mom’s can be selfless like that. That’s what Mom’s do. So today, I’m thinking about this family and sending my prayers that each day will get easier for them. I’m sure today, along with many other days, will be difficult. I thank all the Mom’s out there who think ahead, and I’m honored that they call me.