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First Communion Photography {Cleveland Family Photography}

Over the years I’ve photographed many little girls in their first communion dresses and it’s one of my favorite milestones to photograph. Maybe I like it so much because I can remember my own First Communion and how special it felt to be all dressed up in that white dress and veil (If I can find the portrait I will post it). I remember my mom wrapping me up in a white sheet before I got into the car to ensure the dress remained white until we got to the church. I’ve always understood what an important moment it was for me. But, with my son making his first communion this year, it’s really sunk in how important this moment is to a parent. It’s one of the few formal events until graduation and marriage. It’s your baby taking another step towards adulthood. I also have a better understanding of why these portraits are so important for both the child and parent. On the day of the communion don’t you want to be a spectator and a part of the event and not running around trying to get “the shot”? Once you have that formal portrait in the bag, you can relax and not think about pictures on the actual day of the event. If you still feel like taking pictures, the pressure will be off,  so just carry your point and shoot camera.