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Expecting Triplets {Cleveland Maternity Photography}

When Emily called me and asked if I would shoot her maternity portraits I was excited not only because she was such a super sweet person but because she told me she was expecting triplets! “Uh, yeah, sign me up” I said!  So after our first shoot was a rainout and the weather continued to be rainy, I was getting nervous because she was 32 weeks along and I knew these babies could arrive at any moment.  Luckily we got a break with the weather and we hop-skipped it out there for a quick photo session (well, I hopped skipped, she kind-of waddled–hee, hee).  She was actually dealing with her less than comfortable state with an amazing amount of grace and positivity and her easygoing attitude made her a joy to work with. It didn’t hurt that she looked pretty sensational too!   So that, my friends, is what you call beautiful inside and out!

and a shot from our rainout session…Ohio State fans since before birth!