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Photography Display Inspiration {Katherine Chambers Photography}

Recently I had 3 different clients ask me about helping them with wall displays. I’m always happy to help with photography display. Once upon a time, I did framing at my Rocky River studio and I really want to get back into it again. Before that I worked for a framer in Chicago for years when I was in college. It was here that we did framing for the Art Institute of Chicago and I learned the importance of archival framing. If you are a do-it-yourself framer, please do not use the cardboard backing that comes with ready made mats and frames. Acid-free or archival mat board (sometimes called Museum Rag Mat)  is a MUST when framing art. If you use the mat and backing that comes with ready made frames, the acid in a paper mat or cardboard (ick!), will eat away the photograph, fade colors and yellow the photograph. It is SO worth the extra money to have a acid-free mat cut to fit your frame. You also want to make sure to use acid-free backing board and archival tape or photo corners to mount the picture.

After doing some searching online I found lots of display inspiration so I thought I’d share with all of you. Below are some boards I made up (none of the photography is mine). This was purely for wall display ideas. I tried to put links below each board for you when possible. I have some fun products I’ll share with you later:)

This page: Young House Love

Upper Photo: Zoe Portrait Art, Bottom Right: Houzz

Top Left: Houzz, Top (second from left): Crate and Barrel, Top (third from left): Pottery Barn Kids, Top Right: Houzz, Bottom row: The Inspired Room,

Upper Right: Nesting Place, Lower Left:Colorado Homes and Lifestyles

Middle horizontal image: Wild Sorbet

Left top and bottom: Wild Sorbet

Top left and right: Wild Sorbet