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What’s the Storey?

This IS Storey and her big brother Eamon! They are so completely sweet, funny, independent; all the things you want your children to be:) It was an absolute pleasure to photograph them!

I know I’m way, WAY behind on blogging but I’ve got to take advantage of this beautiful summer weather while we have it. If you are interested in a summer, outdoor photo session, please contact us asap. The kids go back to school in 6 weeks, yes 6 WEEKS <audible groan> so lets capture those kiddos before we’re all into the crazy fall madness that is certainly coming!

Stacy Forthfoer -

What GREAT natural expressions you captured of Eamon and Storey! I LOVE their pictures!!!

Lori Leaf -

You ARE the Master! With kids that beautiful it really must be a joy. Great job.