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Baby Girl

Oh my gosh! My baby girl is turning 4 years old today! It seems like yesterday that she was a sweet little newborn *sigh*. I had to include her newborn picture in the post. She is so funny and she keeps me laughing even when I’m down. She never stops asking questions (sometimes to the point of exhaustion). She’s very curious about everything. She loves music and wants to know all the words in the songs on the radio. And, at least for now, I seem to be her favorite person. I am blessed that she is so adoring. I have no idea what I did to deserve her loving admiration but I have to say that it’s the best feeling. I’m honored. Who knows what the story will be in ten years from now but at the moment I’m eating it up! 

Jeffery Kegermann -

This is the cutest kid I have ever seen. I love her smile 🙂