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Love At First Sight

Sometimes it’s not always love at first sight! I’ve photographed these sweet kiddos before but this was the first time I’d met the baby. It took a little while for her to warm up to me. In fact she had her face buried in Mom’s shoulder for the first 20 minutes. “That’s okay” I reassured Mom “I’m very patient”. After baby “B” saw me and her older siblings playing and having a good time, she couldn’t resist. Of course we ended up on the playground with a hundred other kids but we made it work. Once all four were laughing and playing, mom said, “oh good, I didn’t want to do this unless it was going to be fun”. I agree, photo sessions should be fun and not a stressful event for parents or kids. Kids can definitely pick up on other people’s stress so I stay calm and patient. I want parents to relax, take a breath and know that it will be alright. Sometimes it just takes a little time to feel “the love”.