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That’s the only word that I could come up with to describe these three little…hams!! Three kids, a wagon and the beach = sand eating fun. Unfortunately, that’s what the little one decided to try. She took a big fistful of sand, and much to our horror, she stuck it right into her mouth. I wish I could say it was the first time I’ve seen a baby try this maneuver but it wasn’t! I got lots of awesome close-up shots of all three but I couldn’t resist posting some of the non-sand eating fun beach shots.

Johanna -

These are super shots. What cute kids! Love the wagon image and it does look like the little boy at least is a ham! In my family we call them hamsters! Also love that mischievous smile on the little boy in the last image. I’m sure he knows he shouldn’t be walking in the water with his pants on! Great work!