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Daddy’s Girl

This sweet little girl was so attached to her Daddy. He actually had to hide during some of the photo session so that I could get some shots of her alone. So sweet!


Melissa Pulis -

Wow…Katherine, these are beautiful! I was worried we didn’t get any good shots because of kiddo’s mood and accident (her nose/face healed up just fine, btw!). We can’t wait to see the rest!

Laurie K. -

These are so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. That first one would be a GIANT canvas on my wall. The eye contact you got from her while her daddy looks at her is AMAZING!!! STUNNING!

~SarahInParis~ -

What a dear little cherub. She is just gorgeous and has such divine hair. Hope Daddy is thrilled! (It was SO worth hiding him!!) Fabulous images!